A Journey to Light (by Judy Durham)

Once upon a time, there was a lovely woman who lived high in a castle’s turret. She’d been imprisoned there, kept alone in a small room and given nothing at all to do, day after empty day.

As the years passed, her boredom became quite unbearable and the drive in her heart to DO something overwhelmed her. One night as she sat alone in the dark, she noticed that the door to her room had not been secured after her dinner tray was removed. “Could it really be?” she marveled. She opened the door and stepped through into a long circular stairway which led to the castle’s basement. It was dark as pitch in there, but she began to make her way carefully, testing each step before she took it and feeling each stone in the wall. After a long, slow, downward climb, the woman finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Before her was another closed door. She hesitated a moment, having no idea what might be in the next room, but again she stepped through the door. The shadows in this room were of only two shades: dark, and darker! “Heaven help me!” the woman prayed. As her eyes adjusted to the room’s contours, she saw an arc shaped opening in the wall which was framed with stones. It looked like a portal, and if possible, it was even darker in there! But she noticed that the portal was shaped much like a human heart, and she was encouraged by that. She squeezed her eyes shut and stepped into the portal. When she opened her eyes, she found herself in a place without even the most feeble shadow — it was completely dark. The woman was very much afraid, but being unable to see anything at all, she could only just stand there….and wait.

As she waited, she began to sense that this place she was in was a sacred place. Even though there was no visible light, she felt safe and protected. A comforting glow of light began to take form behind her closed eyelids, and she began to feel completely at ease. As her fear dissolved, she became aware of a new feeling growing within her. She felt her power there in the dark, and felt more connected to it than she ever had before. She knew she had come face to face with Divinity. Filled with new strength and peace, she stepped back through the portal into the room, and lo! Now the room was filled with light. Bright sunlight was pouring in through the windows, and a cheery gnome was seated on a stool and grinning at her. She realized that in going into the dark she had found her heart. She had gone through her heart and found her power, and she now knew with certainty that she could do anything she set her mind to. Now her life was filled with Light!