Beverly Welbourne

Beverly Wellbourne

Here’s Beverly Welbourne riding Shami. Beverly is a talented Licensed Massage Therapist, Homeopathic practitioner, and medical intuitive. She operates a state of the art scanning instrument – the SCIO – which has a capacity to pick up imbalances such as nutrition, blocked energy meridians and homeopathic remedies to name a few. She also conducts Family Constellation workshops, is a founding member of ‘The Women of The Cloak’ women’s group and has had lots of experience with groups and community facilitation.

Michael Spangler

Mike - Headshot

Michael Spangler is one of Gary’s oldest friends (30 years plus). He helps maintain the grounds, gardens and cuts wood and anything else that for one reason or another, Gary doesn’t do. We have much gratitude for the deep soul bond of this ‘brother’.


Teri - Headshot

Here’s Teri, the admin person in the family, without whom this paper work, flyers and other stuff couldn’t happen. She’s a Reiki Master/Teacher, and one of the sweetest people on Earth. We’re so glad to have her on board. You can reach Teri by dropping her a line at