About Shamanic Counseling

A Shaman is a ‘walker between worlds’. Gary does not claim to be a shaman, however, through his personal experience he is able to traverse other worlds consciously, and to facilitate others to do the same. There are many worlds, both conscious and unconscious, in and out of time. The model of health Gary works with is one in which all of these worlds are balanced, in which we know who we are, regardless of where we are and what’s happening. When we visit these worlds, unconsciously we can leave part of ourselves behind, especially when there’s trauma or other dissociative occurrences. It can be extremely empowering, satisfying, and even blissful to go back and reclaim these parts of ourselves, to re-member who we really are.

In order to travel and heal like this, it’s necessary to enter some form of ‘altered consciousness’. This is accomplished through breath, meditation, affirmation, yoga, and energy work. Coming from our own body sensations we can access any place that we need to go. It seems so mystical and maybe it is, but it’s also easy and available.  Many of us spend a lot of time and energy trying to not experience the exact things we need to in order to heal and grow. It is possible to create a safe environment where we can unlock these mysteries.

This kind of work not only benefits the individual but the whole world, the whole Universe. This is the work that our souls came here to do.