Decorative tribal pattern.


You are amazing, Grandfather! Another fantastic Shamanic Priest workshop this weekend!! I am most grateful to you for helping me to focus on my inner journey and choose and achieve the places I want to be on the continuum of the archetypes common to all men! You are a blessing to me, to so many and to the planet at a time your energy and wisdom are sorely needed!
— T. T., Cincinnati

In Shamanic counseling we work together, even in the most difficult times. We have gone to what feels like hell, and with help I have become a more whole being. I am grateful for this.
— M. M.

Shamanic counseling has recovered my life force more than I ever expected. I experienced more positive results from several sessions over the course of a year, than six years of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology! I also feel that the positive changes are permanent because they come from my own power. This permanence is in contrast to my experiences with medications, which have been ‘band-aids’ that disappear once stopped and have stunted personal growth due to sexual side affects. I wholeheartedly recommend Shamanic counseling.
— K. W.

Working with Shamanic healing and bodywork for over ten years has inspired me to awaken and continuously explore my personal growth. This gentle and non-threatening approach encourages a deeper sense of self-love and healing.
— D. F.

In describing this ‘Soul healing’ words are hard, pictures come more easily. Somehow I found parts of myself I hardly knew were missing. It has to be really, really safe to surrender to that sort of wholeness. Fantastic, tremendously beautiful, powerfully dynamic – these descriptions come close. Life changing love sums it all up.
–S. S.

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