Decorative tribal pattern.

About Gary, Grandfather Mowgli

Gary Matthews is an ordained minister of The Association For The Integration of The Whole Person, and The Venus Rising Institute. He was formerly a massage therapist, and was a long time instructor at SHI Integrative Medical Massage School.

Gary is a member of the Self-Realization Fellowship, long time yoga practitioner, Kriyaban (initiate of Kriya Yoga), and Shamanic yoga instructor. He has done men’s work for many years, and was a council chief of a long standing men’s group. As such, Gary has participated in many sweat lodges and uses the medicine wheel daily. Gary also studied African Drumming with Oginga Khamisi for many years.

Gary holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati. His form of Shamanic Pastoral counseling focuses on body centered, earth-based self-realization. He facilitates personal growth for individuals and groups who are looking for help with spiritual, emotional, and physical issues.

In April 2008, Gary purchased the Stillpoint Center. It is a collective of like-minded therapists who cooperatively offer many healing modalities. Stillpoint is located at 11223 Cornell Park Drive in Blue Ash, Ohio. It is a beautiful private setting that is surrounded on three sides by the healing waters of a sacred lake.

Gary Matthews, shown in a poncho.

Shamanic Sessions

Get in touch with Gary to learn more or book your session. Telephone sessions are available.

Call (513) 722-1917, or send an email to